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The first step to becoming a ZUMBA® Instructor is to attend one of the ZUMBA® Instructor Trainings. To see the dates and locations of upcoming ZUMBA® Instructor Trainings you can visit the Instructor Training pages of There are no pre-requisites to become a ZUMBA® Instructor, although we would advise you to have a fitness or dance instructors certification.  Anybody 18 years or older may attend a ZUMBA® Training. Certain allowances are made for younger participants.

Whilst there are no pre-requites for attending the training we would always strongly advise participants to have, or look to gaining an appropriate fitness or dance instructors certification.  ZUMBA® is ultimately a fitness programme and as such instructors are responsible for the safety and well being of their class participants.  All instructors are required to have public liability insurance prior to teaching classes.  Like any other insurance policy there are many organisations and brokers who offer this.  Without additional certifications this is more expensive and harder to acquire.  The number of ZUMBA® instructors is rapidly growing within the UK and as this happens those with a stronger foundation and certifications in dance or fitness will find it easier to find employment and succeed in delivering a safe and effective ZUMBA® Fitness class.

For further information about fitness certifications please visit The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) website:
Please see below for further details of the new ZUMBA COMBO Qualification which combines the most common foundation course in group exercise is the Exercise to Music (ETM) Qualification and the Exercise, Movement & Dance (EMD) Qualifications.  
ZUMBA Combo Training Information can be found through the Exercise, Movement & Dance Academy's website: EMDAcademy
Discounts are available for fitness qualifications through the Zumba Instructor Network, ZIN (see below).

Training Day
The Basic 1 Training teaches you the foundation and formula to teach a ZUMBA® Fitness class. You will learn the steps to four basic rhythms (merengue, salsa, cumbia, reggaeton). You'll learn how to put these steps together into a song, and how to create your first Zumba class. We'll provide you with all the tools and resources you will need to teach a Zumba class.  At the end of the day all participants are awarded an Certificate of Completion.  There is no written or formal practical exam in this Instructor Training. However, there is a great deal of movement involved and participants will lead practical movements. The ZES will pay close attention to each participant's abilities, but no one is expected to be an expert or achieve mastery in a day. Yet, if there is anyone having a great deal of difficulty, the ZES will work to assist that person. If major difficulties persist, in the end, both the ZES and the participant, together, will decide if teaching Zumba classes is a good choice for him or her.

After The Training 

Once you have taken the one-day ZUMBA® Basic Instructor Training you are licensed to teach ZUMBA® Fitness classes, use the "ZUMBA®" name in your class title, and call yourself a ZUMBA® Instructor. Any other use of the ZUMBA® name or logo must be approved by the ZUMBA® Corporate office. ZUMBA® Fitness is a registered trademark of ZUMBA® Fitness, LLC, which holds copyright ownership on all ZUMBA® related material and use of name and logo. Anyone who teaches ZUMBA® without having a current Certificate of Completion would be in violation of trademark and copyright laws.

After the ZUMBA® Instructor Training day, you can start teaching whenever you feel ready. We would always advise every instructor no matter how experienced to give themselves at least a few weeks following the training.  Every ZUMBA® Instructor is an independent contractor, so you will set up your own schedule, rates, terms, agreements, etc. with whichever facilities you choose. The ZUMBA® Instructor Training will teach you about Zumba and how to teach and create Zumba routines for a Zumba Class. The movement section and the included DVDs and music CD provide plenty of ideas to get you started. 

ZUMBA Instructors Network (ZIN™)

During the Training day it is possible to join ZUMBA® Fitness' continuing education program ZIN™ (Zumba Instructor Network).  ZIN™ gives ZUMBA® Instructors full licensed used of the logo for marketing and publicity materials, choreography DVDs, PPL free music CDs and downloads, further on-line training resources and a network of instructors which will also provide an enormous amount of help to get started. Joining this program is optional but costs $34.95 (around £20) a month.  Other ZUMBA® Instructor Trainings, including our speciality trainings are planed across the UK in the coming months.  These include ZUMBA KIDZ & KIDZ JR® (children's programme), ZUMBA GOLD® (designed for older active adults or de-conditioned beginners), ZUMBA TONING® (weighted programme), AQUA ZUMBA® (shallow water pool party) ZUMBA SENTAO (toning based chair workout) and ZUMBA STEP (adding ZUMBA fun into a step based workout).  ZUMBA® Basics One is a pre-requisite for all other ZUMBA® Instructor Trainings.  These trainings can only be booked by currently licensed instructors.

Continuing Education

ZUMBA® Instructor licence is valid for one year. As with any reputable occupation, a professional in any industry is expected to keep up-to-date on industry knowledge and stay fresh with their industry skills. ZUMBA® Fitness wants its instructors to be the best in the industry and maintain a high level of expertise and proficiency. To help instructors sustain this status, Zumba Fitness provides numerous opportunities for continuing education and requires all ZUMBA® Instructors to update their skills annually in order to renew their instructor certificate.  One such option is to join ZIN, The ZUMBA® Instructor Network.  ZUMBA® Fitness is now affiliated with REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals) so if you are an existing member you can gain 4 CPD Points through attending a ZUMBA® Instructor Training day.

Industry Qualifications

A brand new REPs Level 2 Fitness Qualification has just been released call The Zumba Combo. Zumba Combo Qualification - YouTube. This has been created in partnership with Lifetime Training and The Exercise Movement & Dance Partnership to combine all the skills you will need in addition to the Zumba B1 Training to become a qualified UK fitness professional.  To register for this training you must have completed the B1 Training and become a member of the Zumba Instructor Newtork (ZIN).

For further information visit: Zumba Combo Qualification 

Completion of this qualification gives participants membership to REPs and a years FREE insurance to welcome you to the industry!

For further information about fitness certifications please visit The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) website:

Caroline is licensed to Teach the following Zumba classes:

  • Zumba BasicZumba Basic
    License to teach regular Zumba® classes.
  • Zumba ToningZumba Toning
    License to teach body-sculpting techniques using Zumba Toning Sticks to enhance rhythm and build strength.
  • Aqua ZumbaAqua Zumba
    License to teach the 'pool party' workout for all ages using the Zumba® formula and traditional aqua techniques.
  • Zumba SentaoZumba Sentao
    Licensed to teach the party-like workout that incorporates chairs to improve strength, definition and endurance.
  • Zumba GoldZumba Gold
    License to teach specially designed Zumba classes for the active older adult or deconditioned participant.
  • Zumba Gold ToningZumba Gold Toning
    License to teach Zumba® Gold-Toning classes.
  • ZumbiniZumbini